The Painting & Decorating Association

The Painting & Decorating Association presents the Drill Bit Kit in the new ForgeFix design in its magazine "The Decorator". 

Beautiful Homes and Gardens

The Norwich based Eastern Daily Press presented the Drill Bit Kit in its "Beautiful Homes and Gardens" supplement this April. 


"Mattishall-based church maintenance company Irons and Stone Restoration has launched a new invention that makes one of the problems encountered when fixing into masonry a thing of the past.


The idea was conceived when the team was working on a remote church deep in the Norfolk countryside - colour code all the parts so you always use the correct size drill bit for your wall plug.


As well as being stocked locally by Roys of Wroxham and Uttings of Burnham Market, the Drill Bit Kit is available at Sainsbury's."

“It's not what it is, it's what it does.”

The King of Shaves Will King gives us valuable advice in his blog. He writes: 


There's a saying: 

“People don’t buy a quarter-inch drill bit, they buy a quarter-inch hole.  You’ve got to study the hole, not the drill.  The drill is just the solution for it.”

- Theodore Levitt.


Thanks for your ideas Will! Read more in his blog post - and check out the King of Shaves website.

Drill Bit Kit featured in DIY Week

New wall plug fixing product for ForgeFix


We're delighted to announce that the Drill Bit Kit is now being distributed by ForgeFix. 


Read the full article in DIY Week

“A simple story of British design genius“

"Here's a story of how British design genius has just changed DIY forever."


"A stroke of British inventive genius worthy of the greatest British designers."

“What a Bright Idea“

The Church of England's Diocese of Norwich magazine presents the Drill Bit Kit in its October issue. 


“A flash of inspiration“